Once upon a time...

We are a Mother & Daugher team who have been in business together since December 1988.  We are natives of Loudoun County, Virginia and can't imagine living anywhere else.  We both went to Loudoun County High School.  When Margaret graduated, this was the only high school in the county.  When Kay graduated, there were only four high schools.   Kay went to Aldie Elementary and Margaret went to Middleburg Elementary.  I went all the way through high school with most of my elementary friends and still keep in touch with many of them.  This is why I am proud to have my business in Aldie.  It's more than just a place to run our business, it's home to us.

If I feel like I can't do the best job possible for you, then I won't take more orders than I can handle.   We have, and always will, believe that quality is more important than quantity.  

We make all of our savory and sweet food from the freshest ingredients possible and local ingredients when they are in season.  

We always make the specials orders first, then we fill the cases with extra pies, cakes, quiche, dinner pies, soups and stews.  These are our specialties.  We do make other things, but only by special order.  

Most of our business is by special order and you should try to order at least a week in advance of your event, however, it's okay to try for less notice, because we know that life happens.  The notice for holiday orders is at least two weeks, sometimes more!  

Every order is special to us.  When I make a pie or cake, I want to feel proud of it, as if I were sitting at the table with you.

​​Little Apple Pastry Shop, Inc